Non-shrink Grout

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Non-shrink Grout Specifications


LeichtMix Non-shrink grout LM-1300 is specially formulated, pre-packed and ready to use,
It is a Non –Shrink, and Non-segregated Cementitious Grout.

AREA of Application

  • Bedding of industrial equipment, anchor bolt, base plate
  • Patching of honeycombs in concrete
  • Bearing casting of heavy machinery column, crane rails

Technical Data

Color Grey
Binder Portland cement
Filler Lime stone & Graded Sand
Density (wet) Approx. 2000 kg/m3
Compressive strength ASTM
40 N/mm2
Bond strength
BS EN12615:1999
>1.0 N/mm2
Setting Time ( min )
BS EN196-3:2005
Mixing Ratio 3.5 to 4.5 litre of water per 25 kgs bag
Thickness of Application As needed
Theoretical Yield Approx. 0.014 m3/ 25bag


Surface Preparation

Removed loose and damaged laitance using a point tool or chisel in order to obtain clean and rough surface.

The boundaries of the surface to be repaired must be clearly defined. Brush, scrape or sandblast corroded rebar and protected with anti-rust coating.


Placed required amount of water in a bucket, Pour the powder
while mixing for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer to achieve homogenous, lump free mixture is achieved.


Compact Non-shrink Grout onto the prepared/ repair area substrate in laminating layers and finish with a steel towel

Packing & storage

LeichtMix Non-shrink Grout is supplied in 25 kg bag


Shelf life is 6 month if stored in original seal under cool & dry condition.