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Render Specifications


LeichtMix Render LM-110 is specially formulated for AAC Block/ Brick Wall application without the need of applying the finishes.


  • Practical, ready to use just added water
  • Premixed to ensure consistent quality
  • Good adhesion with high water retention properties
  • Easy to mix with good workability
  • Application for interior or exterior areas.


Color Grey
Binder Portland Cement
Filler Graded Silica Sand, lime stone
Density (wet) Approx. 1900 kg/m3
Water retentivity %
BS 4551Pt 1:1998
Compressive strength
BS EN1015-11:1999 
>4 N/mm2
Stiffening Time: (min)
BS EN1015-9:1999
1.0N/mm2: <200
2.0N/mm2: <300
Mixing Ratio 8.8 to 9.2 litre of water per 40 kgs bag
Thickness of Application 5 to 8 mm/coat
Theoretical Coverage Approx. 4.5 m2/40 kg/6mm thickness


Surface Preparation

The substrate must be clean & free from grease and
loose particles. Pre-wet porous substrate prior to application of Render to prevent premature loss of water.


Placed required amount of water in a bucket, Pour the powder while mixing for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer to achieve good consistency.


Insert pressure while applying Render to the substrate with steel or wooden trowel to ensure optimum bonding to the substrate.

Packing & Storage

LeichtMix Render is packed in 40 kg bag.


Shelf life is 6 month if stored in original seal under cool & dry condition.