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Trasram Plaster Specifications


LeichtMixTrasram Plaster LM-104 is a premium Quality cement base waterproofing Plaster. It exhibits durable hydrophobic protection layer to most masonry and brick wall substrate.


  • Practical, ready to use just added water
  • Premixed to ensure consistent quality
  • Good adhesion with high water retention properties
  • Easy to mix with good workability
  • Application for interior or exterior area.


Color Grey
Binder Portland cement
Filler Graded Silica Sand
Density (wet) Approx. 2000 kg/m3
Water retentivity %
BS 4551Pt 1:1998
Compressive strength
BS EN1015-11:1999
10 N/mm2
Stiffening Time: (min)
BS EN1015-9:1999
1.0N/mm2: <350
2.0N/mm2: <400
Mixing Ratio 5.6 to 6.4 litre of water per 40 kgs bag
Thickness of Application 10 to 15 mm/coat
Theoretical Coverage Approx. 2.5 m2/40 kg/10 mm thickness 


Surface Preparation

The substrate must be clean & free from grease and
loose particles. Pre-wet porous substrate prior to application of plaster to prevent premature loss of water from the plaster.


Placed required amount of water in a bucket, Pour the powder while mixing for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer to achieve good consistency.


Insert pressure while applying plaster to the substrate with steel or wooden trowel to ensure optimum bonding of plaster to the substrate.

To enchance the adhesion of Leichtmix WP, a splatter dash with Leichtmix bonding agent is recommended to be applied to the substrate prior to placing the plaster.

Packing and Storage

Leichtmix Trasram Plaster LM-104 is packed in 40 kg bag.


Shelf life is 6 month if stored in original seal under cool & dry condition.